Enterprise Browser on CC600 fails to enable scanner

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C Christopher Barnes 1 year 3 months ago
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Working on a CC600 Android 10 device using the JS ebapi code in Enterprise Browser, I was able to develop a simple scanning interface that worked; I enabled the scanner and set a callback function that is used on scan. But now that I am trying to roll it out, the devices I have for rollout are loaded with Android 11, and the same code that worked in 10 does not enable the scanner in 11. It shows my page just fine, so I know the config.xml is discovered, but no scanner. The same happens with the included feature-demo page - it also will not allow scanning on the A11 devices. I can enumerate, enable, and start but the scanner does not activate. However, the DWDemo on the device enables it just fine, and allows scans in that app. 

Any thoughts? I am trying to determine whether I have done something different to the A10 device that I have forgotten in the setup of the A11 devices, but I am coming up empty.

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J James Swinton-Bland

Hi Christopher,

There are a number of changes in A11 & E.B 3.3 which may cause this issue, such as Scoped Storage & the updated package name of EB.

Please take a look at these 3.3 notes on TechDocs, which may point you in the right direction.



C Christopher Barnes

Hi James,

I appreciate the response and the link, thank you. I looked it over and tested some changes, and my results are a bit mixed.

1) Package name change

The good news is I have no references in my Config.xml or code that refer to the old package name, since all my development has been on version 3.3+.

2) Config.xml files must be redeployed to /enterprise/device/enterprisebrowser

I did this and EB behaved as if it had no Config.xml, created a default file and placed it in the package dir of com.zebra.mdna.enterprisebrowser. It ignores my copy in the designated location. Therefore I continue to place my Config.xml in the package dir.

3) All references in existing Config.xml files to restricted storage locations must be modified to reflect the path above

I changed all the %INSTALLDIR% references in the Config.xml to /enterprise/device/enterprisebrowser and got bad links for my index.html that was moved. However, the log file, whose designated location was also changed, was created in /enterprise/device/enterprisebrowser. That is cool, but did not help with functionality of the scanner. And my solution is hosted off-device, so if the Config.xml needs to be in the package dir despite documentation to the contrary, I am not seeing the relevance. 

4) Prior to changing these things, I did some more reading and testing, and found that what was failing for me was specifically the EB.Barcode.Enable. When I invoke the enable followed by the EB.Barcode.start() function it fails because the enable failed first. But after looking at the documentation, I decided to try the EB.Barcode.take() call. I used the same parameters and same callback function as I did for the enable call, and "take" worked, though not as seamlessly as I would prefer for my use case. But, it is usable if nothing else will work.

So if the enable function fails due to something related to the Android 11 storage restrictions, why would "take" work with no other changes? And if it's unrelated to the storage restrictions, what happened? And is there a way to make it work?

Appreciate any thoughts. 

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