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F Frederic de Buisseret 4 months 2 weeks ago
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When I open a web app in the Enterprise browser, I would like to avoid that the user sweeps the screen (top->bottom) to access to the Android system settings.

I succeed in disabling the hardware keys grammatically (JScript) and from the configuration (Config.xml) but i didn't succeed in disabling the screen swiping.
Maybe someone has an idea on how to achieve this through the configuration of the browser or programmatically?

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E Edward Correia

Hi Frederic- 

Sorry you're having trouble. You might try configuring the "Scrolling" parameter to "None" to make EB unresponsive to  finger swipes. 


Thanks for choosing Zebra. 

-Eddie Correia

F Frederic de Buisseret

Thank you Eddie!

I've set the value to "Scrollbars" because the user must still be able to scroll the screen if the data displayed need more space than the display area of my MC3300ax.

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