Enterprise Home Screen


we use the Enterprise Home Screen on the TC21 .
When the Enterprise Home Screen is active,
it is not possible to enter VPN menu
How can I go to VPN menu,
when the system setting restricted is activated?
Thank you for your answers.

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You'll need to enter admin mode or re-enable settings, please see docs here: https://techdocs.zebra.com/ehs/latest/guide/settings/#systemsettingsres…

If you need to keep the settings locked down besides for the VPN menu, you could create a utility application which launches that page of the settings app via an intent. EHS doesn't block settings per-se, but just blocks the users access via the UI, so a third party utility that launches the settings app would allow you to enter the VPN menu.

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Yes we need to keep the setting locked down

we made application for acces the VPN menu
on EHS mode, our application cannot be open

with the same configuration
the aplication can open and can enter the VPN menu on ZebraTC20
but on ZebraTC21 our application can't open and can't enter the VPN menu

when try to click the application , a notification will appear = "OSX admin disabled setting widgets"

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That sounds like the device may be locked down outside of EHS, using MX or an EMM? If you factory reset the device does the issue persist?