EULA Suppress on user account


Hi Team,

I gone through the below provided link, Issue not got resolved.…

I have tried to install the package through from system context and after launch of start-up shortcut from start menu I am getting below mentioned pop-up.
I have tried to change the value in "C:\Users\nreddy\AppData\Local\Zebra\BrowserPrint\settings.json" file, the value is different for every user.
Can you kindly confirm is there any another way to fix this issue for all users.
I have reached support team kindly find the below case number
Case Number - 12339152

Submitted by SSi1 on July 13, 2022 Permalink

The EULA is a legal requirement. It's a disclaimer that Zebra is not liable for any loss. Each end user needs to accept the EULA only once. There is no way to get around this. Zebra can make a custom version of the Browser Print for a company, so that the EULA doesn't show up to the end user on each computer. I guess the company needs to sign an agreement with Zebra separately in lieu of the EULA.