Find Mac address using angular web app

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M Manohar reddy 5 days 5 hours ago
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We developed angular web app. The web app will be opened in WT6400 android mobile computer browser. We need to fetch device Mac address once we load the app in browser. Is there any possibility? 

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N Nicola De Zolt

Hi Manohar - refer to my Devcon2023 presentation deck here…

Slides #25 and #26 cover an Ionic project based on Angular to gain access to a Zebra device's resources through Enterprise Browser.

The recording is found here…

Enterprise Browser (EB) is defined here… and is a licensed browser from Zebra.

In the above example, I used the EB APIs to capture Android Intents generated by the scanning framework (which is configured via Datawedge);
but you can use this API to get the device's MAC Address…



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