get status ZT411 too long

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H Hunter Bradshaw 1 year 6 months ago
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Good morning, my situation is the following,
I have been trying to reduce the response time when trying to acquire the status of the printer connected to USB, but it still stays at least 10s, I have used zebrafactory and DriverPrinterConnetion but it has not changed, running diagnostic mode I see that sdk sends a ZPL command like this _HS and checking the documentation the command is ~HS, is this a problem?

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S Steven Si

The legitimate ZPL command for getting the printer status is ~HS. It should not be the _HS. Are you using the getCurrentStatus() API to query for the printer status? It should not not take that long to get a status back. There might be something else going on that causes the delay.

D Daniel Díaz

yes i am using getCurrentStatus()

Connection connection = ConnectionBuilder.Build($"USB:{usbDriverName}");
ZebraPrinter printer = ZebraPrinterFactory.GetInstance(PrinterLanguage.ZPL,connection);
PrinterStatus printerStatus = printer.GetCurrentStatus();

I was checking, but there is nothing that delays it, it is only a function, nor is it in another thread

S Steven Si

Use the USB_DIRECT connection instead. There seems an issue with the USB ZDesginer driver connection. Please try to avoid using the USB ZDesigner driver connection if the performance is a concern.

D Daniel Díaz

Thank you, it's much better now

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