Get Stock/Paper Available from printer settings


Hi Community,
This is my first entry.
I've been requested to be able to print 2 different size of labels. Originally, in my software I print through the printer driver settings, and when I change rolls and print again, the label is cut off, from the previous label page setup.
Then I change the code to print through ZPL, then the page size is automatically picking up when I change rolls, and print different labels.
However, I lost some functionalities and I was trying to look the options to change the page setups at runtime, and the only I can thing is to chose a different Stock Paper from the media settings.
But I've retrieved all the settings available from Link-OS sdk, and I don't find anything close of what I'm looking for.
I've attached two screenshots of what I mean, if somebody knows the right mapped setting through the sdk.
Thanks in advance.

2.png (44.38 KB)
1.png (50.66 KB)
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The printer can only work with one type of media (or stock roll) at a time. When you install a new stock roll or swap a stock roll, a media calibration is required if the new stock roll is not identical to the previously installed stock roll.

In other words, all labels on a stock roll have the fixed dimension (width x height), and gap width (or black bars on the back). Once the printer is calibrated with one type of media, the printer remembers these measurement. If the printer is not re-calibrated after a different stock roll is installed, the printer will continue use the measurements from the previous stock roll. This will create an undesired outcome. Please always re-calibrate after switch to a different stock roll that has different label dimension and gap width. This is how the printer works.

If you want to change the media settings through the application, you can do that through SGD class in the SDK on the media related commands, which you can find in the section of media command on the ZPL User's Guide.