How can I resolve the Java.Lang.RuntimeException when initializing the EMDKManager with the Symbol.XamarinEMDK package in my .NET SDK-Style application?

A Akshaya Naik 3 weeks ago
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I have installed the Symbol.XamarinEMDK package for a .NET SDK (version 7) application. When I initialise the EMDKManager and run the application, I encounter a Java.Lang.RuntimeException. I have tried using all available versions of the package, but the issue persists.

exception screenshot


Is there any support limitation for .NET SDK-Style applications? I noticed in the documentation that it is available for MAUI but not mentioned for .NET SDK-Style applications. Additionally, does it only support the latest Android versions (13)? Is there any package version that supports Android 10 and below?

And regarding EMDK for Xamarin visual studio extension is it available for visual studio 2022 for Mac. 

Can you suggest any other barcode scanner library that will work for .NET SDK-Style for android application?

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