How to connect printer to my account ?



I'm trying to use Cloud Pirnt API…

but getting error:

"errorResponse": {
"code": "404",
"message": "Asset(s) not registered in Asset Ownership Service.",
"info": "For the supplied tenant (xxxxxxxx), device(s) not registered: yyyyyy ."

where can I register my device ?

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Hi  Vitaliy,

There are still some issues with the our web portal due to the recent migration. To register a printer with your account, you need send the printer a configuration string. It's also called as enrollment string. The enrollment string is a JSON string and looks like the string shown below. But you need to replace the "r=a6f47ecf23e841c8f5c94f82c3d2ebe8", which is called as r value or Tenant Account number. The tenant account number can be retrieved from the Tenant Service. For more info, please refer to Printer Setup for SendFileToPrinter.