How to Print to Wireless Shared Printer

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U Uday Kumar 1 year 4 months ago
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I had a requirement in my project to print ZPL string to shared wireless printer is it possible to print using zebra Printer SDK

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S Steven Si

Yes, you can print ZPL labels on a Zebra printer through the Wi-Fi connection. Check out the Link-OS Multiplatform SDK, which supports a variety of printer connectivity.

U Uday Kumar

Thank you ssi1 for a reply through Link-OS Multiplatform SDK we can connect to the printers using the IP address and port for the wireless printer but I want to connect to the shared printer which has a name like \\PRINT_SERVER_NAME\ZDesigner QLn420 (ZPL).

S Steven Si

Unfortunately, the Link-OS Multiplatform SDK does not support the *shared printer*. The shared printer is typically for office printers. When sharing a Zebra thermal label printer, the print services will be in charge of connecting to the printer, as if it was a regular office printer. You can still print from Windows applications, such as Word, by selecting the shared thermal printer in the print menu. The printer driver on the Windows, such as the driver of ZDesigner QLn420 (ZPL), for example, will convert whatever it receives to image and send that image to the QLn420 to print. But you won't be able to use ZPL in this fashion, because the print services will treat everything as documents or images.

A Alfred Teixeira

Is your shared printer accessed via a printer driver? If so, you might want to take a look at the Developer Demo that accompanies the Link-OS Multiplatform SDK. Within the SDK, there is a namespace: DriverPrinterConnection, for use with printer drivers. The Developer Demo demonstrates how to use this to get a connection to a printer driver instance.

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