How to wake up Zebra Bluetooth Printer programmatically after the inactivity timeout?

HI, I am using Xamarin to build a mobile app that will print out the label via connected Bluetooth device (ZQ320). After the inactivity timeout, the connection seems like broken when I wake up the ZQ320 with long press the power button on the device. It is really frustrated that I need to rebuild the connection again and wait for few minutes. My question is how can I wake up the ZQ320 programmatically and resume the previous connection so that I can continue printing without rebuilding the connection between the mobile and the printer? Appreciate for any comment.

Steven Si
If you want to manually wake

If you want to manually wake up ZQ320 printer from its sleep mode, you press the power button for less than 3 seconds. If the press is longer than 3 seconds, ZQ320 printer will power off.

When in Bluetooth only mode, ZQ320 printer automatically wakes up when communication is initiated via Bluetooth. Application doesn't need to do anything else to wake up the printer.

To enable/disable the sleep mode, send power.sleep.enable command.

! U1 setvar "power.sleep.enable" "on"
! U1 setvar "power.sleep.enable" "off"

To set the time after which the printer will enter sleep mode, send the power.sleep.timeout (in seconds) command.

! U1 setvar "power.sleep.timeout" "1200" // Set the timer to 20 minutes


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