I want to integrate TC21 scanning feature with odoo android app?

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P Paras Buda 4 weeks ago
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I have a odoo android app and TC21 which i want to use for scanning the barcodes and send those scanned barcode to my odoo android app. Does only setting of datawedge profile is enough or i also have to import scanning sdk and use that sdk in my odoo app as well as create profile in datawedge. please help sample code of odoo will be much appreciated.

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S Sean Kennedy

Hi Paras.

ODOO development framework - like React, Cordova, and other 3rd party development environments - is not supported by Zebra per-se.

Rather we support Android Studio Target for Android for the TC21. And we support a Xamarin Forms Android target for TC21.

The barcode Scanner however can be integrated with any "Intent-Based" method that a Development framework can use.
ODOO would not be an exception to this.  So my suggestion to any user that uses 3rd party development frameworks - review and understand the Android Studio version of the "BasicIntent1" sample code. This will allow you to get the Barcode Data using Intents.

( There is also a much simpler method if you do not wish to do this and that is to make a textbox with a blinking cursor in it available to your app.  Profile0 - using the keystroke will populate the text box the cursor is shown in.  - a good demo of this is to open chrome on the TC21 - goto "www.google.com" and make sure the cursor is blinking in the text box. - Then scan a barcode. )

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