IN THIS ISSUE: Beer Fridge Never Runs Out; CES Automation Roundup; Hard Drive Sales Sink; Hyundai's Walking Car; Lens Sees a Billion Things; Inside Origins of Raspberry Pi; 'Hack the Air Force' Contest a Winner


Automation is King at 2019 CES

DrinkShift - Our fridge automatically refills your beer, so you never run out again., by RWest

Japanese startup Shiftall unveiled a beer fridge that orders more, one of many automation products at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show.


CES 2019 Automation Roundup

BBC's compilation covers everything from smart sunscreen to self-driving suitcases and submersible search drones.


Hard Drive Sales Spinning Out

The era of "spinning rust" is showing signs of age as last year's 2.5-inch HDD sales sank 13 percent and 3.5-inchers gave even more ground.


Hyundai's Concept Car Can Walk

Project Elevate | Hyundai, by HYUNDAI Motors

Korean car maker gives new meaning to 'All-terrain Vehicle'


Google Lens Can See a Billion Products

The search giant reported in a blog post that combined search and spell-check logic with custom OCR and AI algorithms fueled its growth.


The Raspberry Pi Story

For those who've wondered how and why Pi came into existence, this detailed look at Raspberry Pi Inventory Eben Upton tell it all.


'Hack the Air Force' Finds 120 Bugs

Few things motivate hackers more than the almighty dollar. So it's no surprise that this latest challenge brought them out of the woodwork.


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