Installing Enterprise Browser Configurations on Android 11


Android 11 enforces scoped storage restrictions which prevent access to any application’s private folder under /sdcard/Android/data . This means that it is no longer possible to push Enterprise Browser config files such as Config.xml to the EB app folder in order to configure a Zebra device. Fortunately a change was made in EB v3.2.5.0 to provide an alternative path for storing config+app files (/sdcard/EnterpriseBrowser) so it is necessary to upgrade to this version when implementing EB on Android 11.

Note that Config.xml file located in /sdcard/EnterpriseBrowser can use either of the following paths for specifying an application start page :

<StartPage value="file://%PRIMARYDIR%/EnterpriseBrowser/BTAPIPage.html" name="Menu"/>

<StartPage value="file:///storage/emulated/0/EnterpriseBrowser/BTAPIPage.html" name="Menu"/>