Issue with reading barcode with new Zebra scanner DS 8178


I am trying to configure the Zebra Scanner 8178,have connected the scanner to USB port using the cradle. I am able to get the device charged and get the beep sound by pointing the aim red ball on barcode, but it does not pull the barcode information into the application.

Have also installed Zebra core scanners and Zebra sdk that has the sample apps (C++ and C#).

But while trying use the sample sdk and try get the barcode info through scanning, I am facing the below issue on clicking the discover scanner option available:

1. CLOSE - Command success.

2. OPEN - Command success.

3. REGISTER_FOR_EVENTS - Command success.

4. GET_SCANNERS - Command success.

5. GET_PAIRING_BARCODE - Command failed. Error:118 <Error in this step not able to get the barcode input>

Can anyone advise whether any additional step is required for getting the barcode information. We need implement the barcode reading option hence trying to test using sample sdk app.