Issues with Zebra Remote Services API on Zebra TC21 with Android 13

J Jan Jedrzejczyk 5 months 1 week ago
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I am experiencing an issue with the remote access function on the Zebra TC21(Build number 13-20.02.00-TG-U01-STD-HEL-04) device operating on Android 13. Our system includes an MDM application and the Remote Access application for remote device management.

Issue Description:
We use Remote Access for remote control of the device. This application allows an administrator to view and interact with the device screen remotely. For this purpose, we utilize the official Zebra API, including the functions authenticate(), injectInputEvent(), injectInputEventToDisplay(), and setSecondaryScreenFlag() from the com.zebra.eventinjectionservice package.

The Problem:
On Zebra TC21 devices with Android 13, we have encountered issues with the operation of these API functions. These problems do not occur on devices with earlier versions of Android. Specifically, it appears that remote input functions (such as injectInputEvent() and authenticate()) are not functioning properly, hindering effective remote management of the devices.

I request your assistance to:

1. Identify and resolve the cause of issues with remote access functions on Android 13.
2. Provide information on any updates or patches that might resolve this issue.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. 

I am ready to provide additional information and device logs if needed.

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