L10 - UHF RFID Reader (AEI) - Which SDK shall be used?


Dear community,
thanks for granting me access to the developer portal.

I am opening a new thread because I am struggled with the selection of the right RFID SDK to be used in order to let the UHF RFID Reader (AEI) L10 optional module properly work. In the past, me and my team already integrated handheld scanner RFD8500 properly using the Zebra SDK downloadable at https://www.zebra.com/us/en/support-downloads/software/developer-tools/….

Now the point is, due to different interactions with the scanner that the optional modules bring with it, which SDK shall be used? Is the one linked correct or shall we download and integrate another SDK? If yes, may you please be so kind to point me to the right documentation?

Thanks in advance.

p.s. find attached the image of the UHF RFID Reader we are using. It is slightly different but it gives the idea.

scanner.png (1.25 MB)
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Valuable community,
since the latest post made under this topic we made several progresses and we managed to integrate the SDK RFIDWedge as per James suggestion. The integration has been fine but results are not really satisfying me (and neither my customer).
The integration is not really easy and it lacks in documentation for some of the steps (e.g., configurations) which must be accomplished to let things work. But the strange thing (<strong>which has conducted me to write this reply</strong>) is that the Antenna seems to be able to receive data only in a very short range distance from tags (10 centimeters max). After that specific distance tag data is not properly been received. The more you took distance from tags (also for really short distances) the more tags they are not being scanned easily.

Here an image with an example (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jEzvWZx_edtFDANmCe73jtSTVgh0JEZY/view?…).

We tried:
- Pushing read strength to the max value (params "ReadPower" to 3000);
- Change the Zone (we tried severals, OPEN included - params Region);
- We tried also to work with the AsyncOnTime / AsyncOffTime but with no tangible results.

It is really frustrating because i do not expect these performances from a Zebra device.
Have you experienced the same?
What is the maximum range in which the antenna works properly as per specification?
Some suggestions?

Extremely thanks in advance to all whcih will reply and help me.
All the best,

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Hi Mario,

Which RFID accessory are you using? Our official module (https://www.zebra.com/content/dam/zebra_new_ia/en-us/solutions-verticals/product/Tablets/l10-series/guide-accessory/xplore-l10-tablet-platform-guide-accessory-en-us.pdf) states a read range up to 3m, but this is tag dependant. Perhaps the limit read range is due to the module you're using, or the tags you're trying to read?

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Hi James, thanks for the fast reply.
The accessory which I am using is the following one: L10 Optional Modules: UHF RFID Reader (AEI) and it is the official one which has been mounted at the time of ordering, as per required process. I don't know if this could depend from tags; the tags which I am using have being used with the Zebra Hand-handled RFID scanner with any problem. Do you think this could depend from the tag frequencies?

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Just for completeness this is the antenna I am mounting: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ehJvGEhctynJkfDSbvctx6qgbz_Q9GJ9/view?…
For what concerns tags, yes, I could test with other tags.
I need to check wether I could take different tags to test with.
For what concerns the image, do you think the antenna is set-up properly? What I see from the product sheet is that the ending part of the antenna is different. COuld that be the problem?