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A Artur Muller 1 month ago
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We have a case where we want to print around 500 receipts/labels per day. We have been looking at different thermal and label printers from Zebra trying to figure out which printer to purchase. Can anyone give a recommendation on what printer to select for this kind of case? Quality of print doesn't need to be superb, more important its cheape per-print and reasonably fast. Preferably the need of changing roll should be as seldom as possible, but these big industrial printers seem a bit too much but we're not sure. Prints does NOT need to be sticky, the print will be used as entry pass and placed inside of the car on the dashboard. Prints will be automatically printed.

Thank you!

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S Steven Si

Based on what you have described, it seems a 4" desktop printer should meet your needs. A ZD421 Series printer should be good enough to meet both the printer quality and performance. See the product details on the ZD421 printers

A Artur Muller

Thank you very much for the reply

We will look into the ZD421. Do you know which paper would be the cheapest for printing receipts/entry passes with the ZD421? We've made several calculations and seems quite expensive to print ~500 QR-Codes/Receipts/Entry passes per day.

S Steven Si

Sorry, we don't have the information about the media cost. You would have to do the research yourself based on the size of the media, average daily usage, and the expected quality, etc.

w wilkinson wilfrid

It seems like a 4" desktop printer should be enough for your needs, given what you've mentioned. For optimal performance and print quality, look for a printer from the ZD421 Series.  geometry dash

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