We are working to modify several apps to request the MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission in order to support A11. There is an AccessMgr MX option for silently granting this permission to apps on Zebra devices. Is this MX that the app itself can submit in order to self-grant the permission it needs, or does it need to be granted by an EMM agent or StageNow?

Also, the StageNow/ OEMConfig configuration prompts for an Application Signature as part of the MX. Is that the signing certificate of the app itself, or something else? Is that required for this to work?

Submitted by Darryn Campbell on January 19, 2022 Permalink

Yes, it should be possible to use the EMDK Profile Manager API to grant the MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission yourself, though I would recommend having an administrator do this through StageNow or OEMConfig if possible as best practice.

For signature, this is the signature of the application itself.  For more information on signatures and MX please see