Maui Android app on MC930B hardware keyboard not responding to P1, P2, F1, F2 keys


I am working on a .Net Core 6 / Maui app for a Zebra Scan-gun.
Many of our on-screen buttons can also be triggered by P1, P2, F1 to F12.
The TextChanged even is not fired when a P1, P2, F1 etc key is pressed.
Maui does not have a KeyUp or KeyDown event.
How do I determine when a P1 or F1 key is pressed?

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The TextChanged event is not fired when a P1, P2, F1 etc key is pressed because Maui does not have a KeyUp or KeyDown event. However, you can use the KeyPress event to determine when a P1 or F1 key is pressed.

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ok... Here's what I've been tinkering with.
Zebra has a StageNow app that runs on the scan gun.
I installed StageNow admin on my PC and (attempted to) configure the KeyMappingMgr to remap the P1 key to send an intent on key down but I really have no idea what I'm doing in the StageNow app.
I attempted to publish the profile and run my app but my listening to actions did not trigger. I'm sure I didn't configure it correctly. I assume this will work if configured. I don't know what to put for Action, Category, Package, etc on the KeyMappingMgr screen.

If this is a feasible solution could someone please walk me through how to set this up correctly? I made 8 key mappings: (P1, P2, F1 to F6) -- But just getting one working would be a step in the right direction.

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Hey David,

I think you're on the right track here - your solution should work when configured correctly.

You'll need to configure StageNow with these (or similar) values:


You'll need to swap "" & "" with your package name & the name of the activity which will receive the intent.

Then, in your application, you'll need to register a broadcast receiver with the exact same value as entered in the Action box on the StageNow profile (E.g.


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