MC32N0 from Windows to Android


We have a bunch of MC32N0 Symbol scanners that are running Windows embedded. We are looking to get Android placed on them so we can continue to use them. Is this possible? If so, what is the process of getting it completed.

Submitted by Darryn Campbell on January 26, 2022 Permalink

I'm sure I remember that this is not supported or possible, though I can't find that stated explicitly on the product page:…

I note that the release notes for the original JellyBean image for these devices (…) states under installation requirements, "MC32N0 device running the Android Jellybean operating system".  

Submitted by twurps@dirks-g… on January 31, 2022 Permalink

There is a way to update your devices, but i actually didn´t found a way to do it myself.
You can bring your devices to your servicepartner, they should know how to update it, but it costs.
Hope I´ll find a way to do it myself.