MC3300x Android 11 device crashes on Net7.0 app

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D Demelza Bain 8 months 3 weeks ago
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We are having an issue on Android 11 devices, our app built on  .Net Maui Net7.0, when this app left running overnight on MC3300x Android 11 device, the device crashes (not only the app).
I have test it on multiple devices, same problem. 
The same app is running without any issue on MC33x Android 10 devices. Another app which was built on MAUI NET6.0 has no issue running on the Android 11 devices.

Device Details:
Device:           MC3300x
Model & Hardware: MC330L
Android Version:  11
Build Fingerprint: Zebra/MC3300x/MC3300x:11/11-20-18.00-RG-U00-STD-HEL-04/82:user/release-keys
Build Number:      11-20-18:00-RG-U00-STD-HEL-04
OSX Version:       QCT.
MXMF version:
HW ID:             1228
Scanner:           SE4770
Secure boot status:True

App Details:
Build Tool: .      Net MAUI Net7.0
Minimum SDK:       API 27
Target SDK:        API 30
EMDK:              Zebra EMDK for Xamarin v8.0.0.8

Can anyone help why this is happening?

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N Nicola De Zolt

Hi Ata 

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l lewis hamilton

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