MC3300XR - Debug while connected to RFID


We have some MC3300XR devices with Android 10 and we are trying to debug them using Android Studio, but while we are connected via USB to the devices, it's not possible to connect to RFID using the SDK.
Debugging over wifi is not available for Android 10 as fas as we know.
Is there any way for us to debug while also being connected to RFID?

Submitted by fleoni@telectr… on April 06, 2022 Permalink

I followed the steps detailed in that page. adb properly connects to the device and stays connected even after removing the USB cable. After doing it, my wifi-connected device appears in the Available Devices dropdown inside Android Studio, but when I try to run the application, the process stays in the "Install" step forever and never gets installed.

Submitted by James Swinton … on April 06, 2022 Permalink

I sometimes encounter this issue - I'd try resetting the device & trying again. If its a particularly large file & you have low bandwidth it could just be quite slow, perhaps try with a smaller APK to confirm the process works in this case?