Migrating from EMDK to Datawedge


Currently, we use the Zebra scanners with EMDK integrated into our app. I've been reading the techdoc and noticed that Zebra "strongly recommends using DataWedge for all applications that require barcode scanning and data capture." It seems like Zebra will also always keep Datawedge up to date first.

So my question is, is it worthwhile to migrate from EMDK to Datawedge? If anyone has migrated before, how difficult is the process?

Thanks a lot!

Darryn Campbell
Hi, DataWedge can make

Hi, DataWedge can make development easier, particularly if you have multiple applications on the device which will be scanning as it handles switching the scanner from app to app.  If you only have a single scanning app on the device already working with EMDK then it would probably not be worth migrating just for the sake of it but if you were planning on deploying additional scanning apps or you wanted to abstract your application so it could also run on non-Zebra devices then you might want to consider moving to DataWedge.  Those are the two most popular reasons for migrating existing apps as both are much easier to achieve with DataWedge.  We have had quite a few customers migrate in the past and the feedback I have always heard has been positive.

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