Multiplatform SDK support for a device



I have a Zebra GK420t desktop printer. I'm developing a Android app to connect to this printer to print labels. This app will almost exclusively will run on this device - Cipherlab RS35 2D SR Mobile Computer (…). It's an Android device running Android version 10.

In the Multiplatform SDK info page (…), I see this list of supported devices.

Zebra ET50
Zebra TC51
Zebra TC55
Zebra TC56
Zebra TC70
Zebra TC75
Zebra TC8000
Essential PH-1
Google Pixel C
Nexus 6P
Nexus 7
OnePlus 6

Does that mean this SDK will support only these devices? I won't be able to use the SDK in my app if I run it in that device?

Submitted by SSi1 on November 23, 2021 Permalink

The info page of the Link-OS Multiplatform SDK is a little outdated. Any Android 10 devices are supported. You can quickly test it out with the Developer Demo project that comes with the Link-OS SDK for Android release. Please note that GK420t doesn't have Bluetooth. You would use either the USB or the Ethernet interface on the printer to connect with an Android device.