Needed API details for Zebra Label Printers


Hi Colleagues,

Could you please guide me in getting the exact path of the API related to zebra label printers(models mentioned below) inside . I am unable to find the path exactly where to go and find API details in the above link.

Following are zebra models

Zebra Technologies
ZTC GX430t ( sample ip address, ping in web browser you will get a page, we need to get printer configurations inside this page in a report , so API is needed)
ZTC ZT410-300dpi ZPL
ZTC ZT411-300dpi ZPL
ZTC ZD620-300dpi ZPL
ZTC 110XiIIIPlus-300dpi
ZTC 110Xi4-300dpi ZPL

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The APIs on the page pointed to by are the cloud-based APIs. The SendFileToPrinter API on this page is the applicable API for the Link-OS printers, such as ZT410, ZT411 & ZD620 printers, which have the websocket capability and can connect to the cloud. The GX430t, 110XiIIIPlus & 110Xi4 printers do not have the websocket capability. Therefore they cannot connect the cloud and the SendFileToPrinter API is not applicable for them. Here is an article about the SendFileToPrinter - Use the SendFileToPrinter API for Your Cloud-Based Printing Needs.
There is also the Link-OS Multiplatform SDK for the Link-OS printers, and for non-Link-OS printers in some extent.