Notify API and TC21



Does the Notify API work on TC21? We've been trying the sample code in the link below without any success:

If TC21 doesn't support the Notify API, how can we programmatically generate beeps on the device?

Your help is much appreciated.

Thank you.

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The notify API is supported on the TC21, provided you're running DataWedge 8.2 or later.

If you have some more detail on your implementation I may be able to help you find the issue.



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Thanks for your reply, James.

We are using Xamarin Forms to create the app on a TC21; the device is running DataWedge 8.2.60.

Here is a snippet of the implementation in Android we have so far:

private void SendNotification()
Intent dwIntent = new Intent();
Bundle notify = new Bundle();
Bundle notifyConfig = new Bundle();

notifyConfig.PutString("DEVICE_IDENTIFIER", "AUTO");
notifyConfig.PutIntArray("NOTIFICATION_SETTINGS", new int[] { 17 });
notify.PutBundle("NOTIFICATION_CONFIG", notifyConfig);
dwIntent.PutExtra(EXTRA_NOTIFY, notify);
dwIntent.PutExtra(EXTRA_SEND_RESULT, "true");

It doesn't generate any error, it simply doesn't beep at all.

Thank you,


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Hi JK,

Just to confirm - this API is for sounding beeps on bluetooth scanners, specifically the RS6000, RS5100 and DS3678. Are you using one of these devices? If so, I think the issue is related to the DEVICE_IDENTIFIER extra; you'll need to explicitly specify one of the above scanners instead of having "AUTO"

If you're just trying to make the TC21 itself beep, then I would recommend using Android APIs instead.