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LifeGuard Over The Air 3.1

Release Notes – October, 2021


  •  Automatic system updates
  • Single-file updates with Dynamic Packaging
  • Power and Network Rules
  • Automatic Deployment Delay
  • Postpone Deployments, Add User Messages

Supported GMSS Devices

Device Models

Supported OS

All Zebra Mobile Computers running Android

Android 8.x and later

TC51, TC56, TC70x, TC75x, VC80x, MC33

Android 7.x with LG Update 19 or later


  1. Zebra MC33R devices are not supported
  2. Sending deployments to unsupported devices could result in failure or unexpected results.

New in LifeGuard OTA 3.1 APIs

  •  Automatic System Updates
    • Allows organizations to automatically keep device software up to date without an EMM system
    • Configurable from the device UI or using StageNow barcodes

For more information, see LifeGuard documentation

  • Single-file updates with Dynamic Packaging
    • Simplifies and speeds up software updates by packaging updates in a single file
    • Eliminates the need to install multiple packages and perform multiple device reboots
    • Helps reduce network traffic and improve network availability and performance
  • Power and Network Rules
    • Allows administrators to set rules for device power and network for deployment. Refer to Developer Guide (pdf) for details.
  • Auto Deployment Delay
    • Allows an administrator to delay update deployment from one to 10 days after availability. Refer to Developer Guide (pdf) for details.
  • User Update Postponement, User Messages
    • Optionally allow device user to postpone device reboot for completing an OS update
    • Optionally send a custom message on reboot postponement screen. Refer to Developer Guide for details.

Authorization APIs to use OTA API

For information on how to automate customer authorization for connection to Zebra OTA API services please visit the Zebra Developer Portal.

Usage Notes

Zebra LifeGuard Device Enrollment

  • Prior to enrolling devices into Zebra’s last mile delivery service, ensure that “Zebra Common Transport Layer” and “Zebra Enrollment Manager” applications are installed via Google Managed Play Store on the device.

OTA API planned outages and status

Known Issues

  • Zebra device enrollment occasionally fails

Symptom: Get Enrolled Asset does not list some devices being enrolled

Recovery: Reboot the device and retry device enrollment

Important Links:

API Documentation

OTA Update Delivery

OTA - Authorization API

OTA v3.0 Software Components

Component Name

Minimum Version


Zebra Common Transport Layer

 Google Play store

Zebra Enrollment Manager


 Google Play store

FOTA Client


 Hosted in Cloud and will be auto updated on devices

FOTA & Enrollment APIs

*OTA v3.1

 Published via Zebra Developer Portal

*Change in versions from previous release