PrintConnect vs Android 13

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m marcos sanchez 7 months 2 weeks ago
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Hello, when installing printconnect on a phone with Android 13 version it tells me that this application is not available on your device because it was created for an earlier version of Android that you have...

Is there any solution to this problem?

To print from the browser using browseprint to a zebrazq320plus printer I need to have the printer installed and configured.

I have tried sending the sdk to the phone with android 13, I have installed the application but it does not detect the printer via bluetooth.. Zebra utilities for android does it correctly...
thank you

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S Steven Si

It's a warning message. The PrintConnect app should still work on an Android 13 device. The engineering team is working on updating the PrintConnect app for the latest Android OS and new Google Play Store requirements. An updated version will be soon available on Google Play Store without the warning message.

The Browser Print app on Android only works with Bluetooth classic connection, while the Zebra Printer Setup app works with both Bluetooth classic and Bluetooth Low Energy. You can use the Printer Setup app to check the Bluetooth configuration of your ZQ320 Plus printer to see if Bluetooth Classic is enabled or not.

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