Require PrintConnect for Android 13 printer model ZQ521

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W WENDY SNOWBALL 7 months 1 week ago
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Hi, I am contacting you from York Regional Police.  My name is Wendy Snowball and I am a Business Analyst in IT.

We require the PrintConnect App for Android.  It is not downloadable from the Play Store on devices that are Android 13.  We had previously opened a ticket #17246467 but have been unable to resolve the issue.


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S Steven Si

The engineering team is working on updating the PrintConnect app for the latest Android OS and API level. An updated version of the PrintConnect will be available on the Google Play in a few weeks.

In the meantime, the apk file of the current version of the PrintConnect app can be downloaded from the Google Play via the APKCombo tool, and then install the apk file on the Andorid device.


Hi Steven,  Thank you for your response.  Downloading PrintConnect using the APK Combo tool is not an option for York Regional Police.  We are trusting that an updated version PrintConnect for Android will be available in next few weeks on Google Play as you advised.  Our officers urgently require the ability to print tickets on the Zebra printer from their Android 13 phones.  I will stay in contact to follow Zebra's progress.  Thank you, Wendy Snowball  


Hello Steven,

I realize you said your engineering team is working on updating the PrintConnect app for Android 13, but just following up to see if there is any update on when it will be available on the Google Play.  

Thank you,

York Regional Police



S Steven Si

Hi Wendy,

The updated version of the PrintConnect is now available on Google Play. Please check it out and let us know if any issues.


thank you for following up.  We found the updated version of PrintConnect that you indicated but notice that it is not a plugin application that allows a user to print directly from an Android device to a Zebra printer which is what we requir.


Hi Steven,  

"THIS IS AN APP FOR DEVELOPERS.   PrintConnect makes it simple for DEVELOPERS to add label and receipt printing to their Android solutions."




R Rayan Alden

I've encountered a bit of a snag with the Zebra PrintConnect App for Android. It appears that the app is not available for download on Android 13 devices via the Play Store. I've previously submitted a ticket with the number #17246467, but unfortunately, we haven't made much headway in resolving the issue.

S Steven Si

I have no issues to find and download the PrintConnect app from Google Play with my TC57, an Android 13 device. Can you try with a different Android 13 device? Maybe the issue is related to your region.,

S Steven Si

The PrintConnect v1.2.139 has just been released on Google Play - PrintConnect App. This release contains the following changes:

  • Corrected an issue with the Passthrough service intent that caused a crash.
  • Minimum Android version is now 10.
  • Added back the ability to select a local storage folder.
  • Other minor fixes.
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