RFD8500 won't pair with Android tablet, and I can't figure out why

M Michael Votaw 2 months 2 weeks ago
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As the subject states, I'm having trouble pairing an RFD8500 with a new Android tablet. The tablet is an UMIDIGI G1 Tab Mini, running Android 14. The hardware specs just state "Bluetooth 5.0". Whenever I attempt to pair the device, it will briefly appear under "Other Devices", before moving down to "Saved Devices". The blue light on the device blinks rapidly, and when I pull the trigger it beeps, but the light just returns to the slow blinking state, which I'm guessing indicates that something in the pairing process was unsuccessful.

Another thing that I've noticed is that I'm unable to download the 123RFID app to this tablet. The Play Store simply just says that it's "not compatible with your device", but doesn't provide any further explanation.

This is a pretty cheap tablet, which my boss bought so that I could work on adding RFID reading support into a mobile application. I think I just need to figure out why this device isn't supported, so I can know what to avoid when purchasing something else.

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