RFID software development


I am looking at creating an app for the TC20 and RFD2000. Specifially with regards to RFID usage. In order to create/retrieve some data from that.

I have an extensive knowledge in React and can hold my own with React Native. What would you suggest as the best way/practice to develope such and app so it can be put on the TC20? I have worked alot!! with PWAs and was wondering if it was a viable way to do so. From my understanding I would have to develop and run the app through your Enterprise Browser to have it work on your hand held devices?

This then could also with the use of the PWA coding, the program would also be be able to work on a desktop as well.

Any help would be grealty apperciated as this is my first attempt at creating an app that would work/sync with the RFID capabilities of Zebra.

Thanks and looking forward to the challanges that await.

Joel Scharlach
0032 479 172881