RFS4000 - Upgrade error to 5.2.1


Hi All, Previously there were two RFS4000 with v4.3.4 in redundant configuration, and worked well, both switch see each other, redundancy was OK.

Now we upgraded both RFS4000 switch to 5.2.1 in this redundant environment. First switch works well, but second has some problem. We upgraded both in the same way through ftp server and started to configure with the wizard.

After configured both switch we’ve got error message on the second when we tried to get information from the RF Domain: RF-Domains not available. The system is initializing and available RF-Domains are not yet ready to be accessed. Please Open/Close the System tree icon to refresh.

We cannot open the RF Domain or System tree. Every time we click on it, same window comes up.

Do you have any idea what can we do on the second switch? Do we have to reinstall the firmware or start from the factory default? Do we need to separate the second switch from the network during the first configuration?

Thanks for any help, G.

Submitted by Virgil Evans on May 04, 2019 Permalink

I've seen this problem in two cases: 1. RF-Domain on secondary switch was not set (country-code) 2. The cluster was not built correctly I haven't seen the issue personally with the IP being defined in the profile and thus causing a conflict, but it makes sense as well. In both my cases, I received the same error message - fixing those problems resolved.

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I have seen this error pop up when switching between web UIs on devices running 5.2.1.  I could verify full functionality via the console, so it wasn't a configuration issue.  If I cleared the browser cache, the error went away.  You may give that a try.

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If both RFSx000's are getting the same IP, it is likely that the IP address is defined in the RFSx000 device profile part of the config. This should be removed from the device profile and assigned at the device level

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it sounds like the ip addresis defined in the rfsxooo device profile. this config should be removed from rhe device profile and moved to rhe soecific device config.

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Hi G. Actually this is happening when we set cluster. Clustered, the RFS Master takes over the other. RFS "secondary" even takes the IP of RFS Master. In Cluster can only have one login at a time, if you have more than one user login this error appears. How both RFS in Cluster have the same IP, you only get one login at time. To change the IP of the RFS "Secondary" go to "Device Configuration", select the Secondary Device, go to "Interfaces" "Virtual Vlan", in IP select "Secondary" and put the IP of it. With that you will be able to have a login for each RFS. Will be released firmware 5.2.2 which will probably fix it. Meanwhile you can try the 5.3 firmware if you are not using the management controller NX9500. Firmware 5.3: http://support.symbol.com/support/search.do?cmd=displayKC&docType=k…... I've hope been helpful. Gandolfo