Scanner SDK For Android Xamarin

I have an Android application that is based upon Xamarin and I am trying to use the Scanner SDK for Android library in my Xamarin.Android project, I have found the native Android SDK that makes use of an aar file to provide support for the SDK but since my project is not a native Android application I have to use a binding project to consume the aar file for use in the Xamarin.Android project. However when I add the aar file to my binding project it fails to compile as show in the attached screen capture.

Is is possible to create a binding library using the aar file for the Scanner SDK for Android and if so what would I be missing to get the binding project to compile? The binding project is set to compile using Android 4.4 and the build action on the aar file is set to LibraryProjectZip. I do not have any additions or transformations applied to the binding project. If its not possible to create a binding library is there a package/DLL that can be used by a Xamarin.Android project to integrate with the SDK?