SE4750 imager (1D and 2D) what does it mean ?


we have a requirement for one of our project.
we need to scan a barcode with the device zebra tc75x -> this bar code is a long about 3 centimer and height of 1 cm -> of course we can change the size of this bar code
But we need to scan this bar code at 2 or 3 meter is it possible ?
i've found some specification about scanner from zebra tc75x but i can't understand.
SE4750 imager (1D and 2D); extraordinary range:
Scan range – Code 39 barcode:
20 Mil: 1.6 in to 36.3 in/4.1 cm to 92.2cm
3 Mil: 2.8 in to 6.2 in/7.1 cm to 15.9 cm
Someone can help me to understand ?
thanks for all

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You don't say what data is in the barcode so it's hard to answer as a 3cm code could contain just a few characters and perhaps printed at 20Mil resolution in which case longer read range or many characters printed at 3Mil in which case short read range. The easy way is to use the DWDemo app and try scanning your code.