Searching for a way to sort ZPL code in X & Y coordinate sequence of objects in label.

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E Ewart de Souza 1 month 3 weeks ago
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I find that the ZPL source generated from the Zebra designer3 tool is in sequence of as-and-when the object is placed on the label. How can I sort the complete ZPL code in sequence of X & Y axis irrespective of when the objects are placed on the label? I don't see any 'Sort' tab on the designer. Any help is welcome.

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S Steven Si

There is no such sort feature based on X & Y. Keep in mind, it's a generated ZPL. It's not recommended to make changes in the generated ZPL, unless you are familiar with the ZPL commands. If you really want to find an element in the ZPL based on the X & Y, you can search for the ^FO commands, which defines the origin of an element.

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