SendFileToPrinter with Microsoft Power Automate

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F Franco Gargiulo 11 months 3 weeks ago
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I am trying to set up a Microsoft Power Automate flow that connects to the SendFileToPrinter API but I lack the knowledge to do it and I can not find any guide to learn from.

I would like to create a custom label too that contains variable fields that depend on the input parameters that I pass to the flow. I have no idea how to define the label in the HTTP control in the flow.

I would appreciate any help!

Thanks in advanced!


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S Steven Si

This article, Use the SendFileToPrinter API for Your Cloud-Based Printing Needs, has the detailed information about how the SendFileToPrinter works. For label design, the ZebraDesigner for Developers 3 tool can help design a template-based label in ZPL.

G Gordon McCulloch

That article does not provide the JSON schema that is needed for a Power Automate HTTP request. 

You can use CURL via Power Automate but its really not ideal. Can someone please update that document to include the corrent Schema?


S Steven Si

Please refer to this response to the Use the SendFileToPrinter API for Your Cloud-Based Printing Needs post. It provides the JSON of sending the multipart form-data for the SendFileToPrinter API in the Power Automate. We've verified. It works.

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