SendFileToPrinter returns "Failed to execute sendFile"

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J Jeffrey Powell 1 month 2 weeks ago
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I'm attempting to set up SendFileToPrinter for the first time, and everything appears to be authenticating, but my response is always a 500 with {"error":"Failed to execute sendFile"}.  The device is registered with the account, and the file is valid.  This occurs with both free / paid APIs, and on both the production / test servers.  

What are my next steps?

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S Steven Si

How does the SendFileToPrinter request get sent? First, verify the setup with a test either from the SendFileToPrinter API webpage or using the Print From the Cloud Demo on GitHub. If the verification goes through OK, then we need to debug the application code. Here is an article may also help -….

J Jeffrey Powell

This issue is resolved.

When specifying the tenant field, the ID (from the enrollment string) must be used.  I had been using my account email address.

While this may seem obvious, it should be noted that if you attempt to use the API before a device is enrolled, with the account email address in place of the tenant ID, the error message returned will reference the correct tenant ID, which implies that the system is performing the ID translation on its own (ie, it does the work, but then doesn't utilize the resulting ID where it needs it).

I'm good now.

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