TC27 bottom graphics duplication issue

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A Aki Suuronen 1 month 3 weeks ago
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Our application has an issue with TC27 Android 13 device.

when turning display off/on the applications bottom graphics part is duplicated under system buttons (see picture)

if user visits other application and returns issue is fixed temporarily.

is this TC27/os related issue and can anything be done in android studio kotlin to fix this?


app is working correctly in every other device we have tested (working device list)

  1. Zebra TC57 / Android 8.1
  2. Zebra TC26 / Android 10
  3. Zebra TC57X / Android 10
  4. Samsung A52s / Android 14
  5. Samsung A53 / Android 14
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N Nicola De Zolt

Hi Aki

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