TC57 stuck in a boot loop



after updating the operating system of a bunch of TC57, one of them is now stuck in a boot loop, it starts and shows the Zebra logo then reboot infinitely.

I also don't have access to recovery mode anymore, it doesn't boot until recovery mode but reboot before reaching this stage.

I only have access to the fastboot mode, but I'm in the impossibility to flash or erase anything since the device is in a lock state, if I had the code to unlock it I could easily fix the problem.

What is the fastboot command to unlock fastboot commands (flashing, erasing, ...) on the device ?
Is there another way to unlock the situation on my own ?


Submitted by PVT784 on November 23, 2022 Permalink

This is an unusual case, that Help Desk can assist with - rather than the Support Portal.
If the Device is unable to start from a Cold Power up - with the PTT button held-down - this device likely needs to be repaired, and a Help Desk case / RMA return would be the best method to deal with that.