TC57 stuck in a boot loop

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V Vedsatx Saddvv 1 year 3 months ago
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after updating the operating system of a bunch of TC57, one of them is now stuck in a boot loop, it starts and shows the Zebra logo then reboot infinitely.

I also don't have access to recovery mode anymore, it doesn't boot until recovery mode but reboot before reaching this stage.

I only have access to the fastboot mode, but I'm in the impossibility to flash or erase anything since the device is in a lock state, if I had the code to unlock it I could easily fix the problem.

What is the fastboot command to unlock fastboot commands (flashing, erasing, ...) on the device ?
Is there another way to unlock the situation on my own ?


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S Sean Kennedy

This is an unusual case, that Help Desk can assist with - rather than the Support Portal.
If the Device is unable to start from a Cold Power up - with the PTT button held-down - this device likely needs to be repaired, and a Help Desk case / RMA return would be the best method to deal with that.

M Margarita Wade


If your TC57 is stuck in a boot loop and you don't have access to recovery mode, it is possible that the device is in a locked state, which prevents you from using fastboot commands to flash or erase the device's partitions.

To unlock the device and unlock fastboot commands, you will need to obtain an unlock key from Zebra. The unlock key is a code that allows you to bypass the locked state and unlock the device's bootloader, which will enable you to use fastboot commands in territorial io.

To obtain an unlock key, you will need to contact Zebra's technical support and provide them with the device's serial number and other relevant information. They will then provide you with an unlock key that you can use to unlock the device and enable fastboot commands.

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