Upload label to Zebra printer with Zebra SDK


How can we upload a ZPL format in a printer using Zebra .Net SDK ? There're methods to Print a stored format, but no method to upload a format (void PrintStoredFormat( string formatPathOnPrinter, string[] vars ) in Zebra.Sdk.Printer namespace. We can use ZebraDesigner to create a label, but we need to upload file directly from our platform. Is there any possibility to do that, or do we have to not use Zebra SDK and do it by ourselves ?
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Submitted by SSi1 on June 15, 2022 Permalink

When you use the ZebraDesigner to create a label template, you can save the output ZPL, i.e. the template, in a local file system. Then use the SendFileContents(String) to upload the template ZPL file to the printer. The filename of the template stored on the printer is specified inside the template ZPL by the ^DF command.