Use ZPL to set up media details, without pushbutton "calibrate", etc?


I powered on my TLP-3844Z, (which had previously been set to "no motion" on power up or head close), and ran this ZPL.
Instead of printing, it went thru 2 labels apparently doing a calibrate, then printed on the 3rd.
What am I missing, please? Thanks very much in advance.

^XA ^FX following should set up for 2x4 labels ^FS
^JST ^FX Select transmissive label sensor i.e. gap between ^FS
^LL1213 ^FX Calibrating comes back with 1211, 1213, 1215, etc ^FS
^PW600 ^FX 2" wide labels ^FS
^MNW ^FX MNW W = Web (gap) sense discreet labels ^FS
^MFN,N ^FX MFN,N = no feed on power up or on close carriage ^FS

^FX Field Block 600 "Wide", up to 20 lines, centered ^FS
^FX remember the "lines" is AFTER wrapping, not input ^FS
[various lines of text
possibly with \& for line-end]
^JUS ^FX Save settings across power up ^FS

/Ward Christensen, Inventor of XMODEM, and BBSs.

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the only changes were
WEB S: 91 on power up, 81 after above script
MEDIA LED: 086 at power up, 065 after.
SO I ADDED the next line before the data to set those LEDS as if it had calibrated:
SO even if a printer configuration's value are set before printing, the first print after power-up STILL calibrated!!!

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Please refer to ZPL Programming Guide for the details of each ZPL command used in the ZPL script above. Based on a brief look at the ZPL script above, there are a few questionable statements. For example, the ^LL1213 doesn't seem right, because it set the label length to 1213 dots (i.e. 1213 dots / 203 dpi = 6 inches), which is contrary to setting up for the 2" x 4" labels

If the printer was set up for the  W" x L" label dimension prior and then the ^LLxxxx is used to alter the length without changing the media, the printer will behave unexpectedly by feeding a number of labels unnecessarily. It's recommended to use the ~JC command to calibrate the printer whenever a different media roll is inserted.