What is the fastest way to transfer 2D barcode contents from a scanner to the PC?



I got a DS9308 and want to scan vaccine passports (QR codes), which are then decoded by a software.
So far I have tried out the USB Keyboard mode, which is very slow (about 3 seconds for transferring the data from the scanner to into a notepad), and the COM port emulator, which still takes more than a second.

Is there a faster way, or is that the best speed I can get out of it? What data transfer mode is recommended for speed?

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To overcome the fact that Scanners connected in HID Mode have to transmit the read code character by character we will use CoreScanner Driver to manage data transmission from Scanner to Host using Zebras internal Protocol named SNAPI and let then use an Emulate push the data to Keyboard buffer.
Therefore, we need to install CoreScanner Driver, configure the Emulator (which gets installed together with CoreScanner Driver) and switch Scanner from HID to SNAPI mode.