What should be used to develop a .Net MAUI app that interfaces with a Zebra MC9400

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J Jesse Finnegan 1 month 2 weeks ago
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Firstly I apologize if I have this in the wrong section. I'm new here and certain sections won't load for me.

My question is, should I be using DataWedge, EMDK, or even something else) to develop a MAUI app that will run on a Zebra MC9400?

I have been tasked with developing an application that will run on and use the barcode scanner of the device.  I have never developed for one of these devices before, so I'm not sure what I should be working with.  

It seems like EMDK is what I want, since it specifically has instructions for setting up in MAUI, but documentation seems to suggest that maybe DataWedge should be used because of the barcode scanning involved.  

So yeah, I'm not 100% sure which I need to focus on and would appreciate some clarification on what I should use to develop this app.  Thank you for any help.

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D Daniel Neamtu

Hi Jesse,

I would suggest you to use DataWedge since it's much more flexible and it doesn't require any SDK to be integrated in a project, even if we're talking about a native or cross-platform project.

The EMDK is usually being used for other uses cases and we're trying to to orientate our Developers into using DataWedge if it's strictly about Scanning operations on our devices.

You can have a look at the documentation here on how to work with the Intent APIs:



And, we also have an example on how to use the Intent DW APIs in a MAUI project:



Hope that helps!


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