Xamarin RFID Tag Writer

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K Koray Ozturk 1 month 2 weeks ago
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Hi everyone, I want Xamarin to connect to the ZQ630 via bluetooth and encode RFID tags and write barcodes. I couldn't find it in the samples and Git is there a place I can look? I've often seen it as if Tag coding is happening in Desktop software. Is there a sample for a mobile application or git?

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S Steven Si

Zebra has the Link-OS Multiplatform SDK, which include the Xamarin SDK, for connecting, configuring and printing to Zebra printers, including the ZQ630 printers. There is a developer demo app that comes with the Link-OS SDK release package for Xamarin, which provide some sample code on how to discover, connect and print. To encode RFID tag, it has to use the ZPL commands for RFID. Refer to this RFID Programming Guide 3 for details on how to read from and write to RFID tags in ZPL.

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