ZC350 Mifare NFC encoding / reading


we have a Zebra ZC350 and want to read the serial-number from a RFID-Mifare Card and write some informations on the Card (before/after printing process).
The Printer has the Mifare-Encoding Addon installed.
I verified the Link-OS-Java SDK but were unable to find a sample code where we can read/encode a Mifare RFID Card.
I found a tutorial how we can "position" a card for encidung, but no informations how we can encode/read the card on this tutorial:
The Card SDK listed on zebra.com is only available for ZXP-Series Printers, but not compatible for the ZC350 printer.
Can you help us how we can do the encoding / serial number reading for this printer?
Thank you

Submitted by Abe Hauer on November 10, 2019 Permalink

HI We have the ZC100 and it shows that we can add RFID reading/encoding
can anyone help with this
I tried searching and cannot find where to buy the "Mifare-Encoding Addon" ??

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The card reader was changed with the ZC350 as you've found. You'll need to download a new SDK for the reader from Elatec - https://www.elatec-rfid.com/support-center/downloads/twn4-devpack-instal...
It's been a while since I needed to download but the version I had was 3.10 which isn't listed any more but the 3.08 should have the manuals you need to get started- TWN4 Simple Protocol DocRev16.pdf and TWN4 PCSC Description DocRev5.pdf but 'm working in Windows and C#
The first thing you'll need to know is that you need to tell the reader which cards it should be detecting otherwise you won't get very far.