ZD420 bluetooth printing - is this possible


Hi Developer bluetooth experts.
I am developing an android app in Xamarin and I have to print using ZPL.
I can get it to print my label using classic bluetooth on a ZT410 (has bluetooth 2.0)
I can get it to print using bluetooth LE and DUAL on a ZQ210 (bluetooth 4.1 Low energy dual mode) (works when printer is set to LE or Dual)
Here is my problem;
I CANT get it to to print on a Zebra ZD420 for some reason. (Bluetooth 4.1) Part Number is ZD42042 - D0PE00EZ
Is it possible to print via bluetooth on this printer?
Has anyone done it?
Any help appreciated.

Submitted by SSi1 on December 13, 2021 Permalink

For ZD410 or ZD420 printers, they are Bluetooth Low Energy capable by default. You need to check the Bluetooth configuration on the printer. Try the following SGD command from the Zebra Setup Utility.

! U1 getvar "bluetooth"

The output looks like the following. Pay attention to the settings of bluetooth.discoverable, bluetooth.enable and bluetooth.le.controller_mode to see if Bluetooth is discoverable, turned on or LE only, etc.

bluetooth.discoverable : off , Choices: on,off
bluetooth.friendly_name : D2J190100164 
bluetooth.version : 
bluetooth.date : 05/25/2016 
bluetooth.local_name : D2J190100164 
bluetooth.address : 90:E2:02:2B:3C:67 
bluetooth.bluetooth_pin : * 
bluetooth.short_address : 90E2022B3C67 
bluetooth.radio_version : 4.0 
bluetooth.enable : on , Choices: on,off
bluetooth.connected : no 
bluetooth.minimum_security_mode : 1 , Choices: 1,2,3,4
bluetooth.connected_security_mode : nc 
bluetooth.bonding : on , Choices: on,off
bluetooth.enable_reconnect : iOS_only , Choices: off,iOS_only
bluetooth.allow_non_display_numeric_comparison : print , Choices: off,print,no print
bluetooth.le.controller_mode : le , Choices: le
bluetooth.json_config_channel_enable : on , Choices: on,off
bluetooth.page_scan_window : 60 , Choices: 15,60
bluetooth.power_class : 2 , Choices: 2-2