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R Roberlei da Silva 1 month 1 week ago
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Hi, I'm having a problem with Zebra Browser print. When sending prints, it does not maintain the same ordering that comes from our portal, with each new print, for example, of 5 labels from the same package, it changes the order of the labels, as it is an exam, this causes a big problem. print sequence

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S Steven Si

When using the JavaScript API of the Browser Print to print in a web application, the application sends a HTTPS request to the mini Webserver on the host device, where the request is processed and then forwarded to the printer that is connected to the host device via TCP, USB or Bluetooth. The mini Webserver processes the request based on the order they are received. To print the labels in order, we need to make sure to give sufficient delay between the requests sent to the Webserver. 

R Roberlei da Silva

Thank you for your answer and all your support, is it possible to make some configuration in zebra browser print to get a better result respecting the sequence?

S Steven Si

No, there are no settings in the Browser Print that configure or control the print sequence and timing, which should fall into the responsibility of the application.

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