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P Paras Buda 9 months 4 weeks ago
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I want to print my label in asian fonts like korean chinese japanese from browser as well as ios app. I have downloaded the font from zebra website and i have also enabled the fonts from zebra setup utilities and saved the fonts but when printing the label iam getting ?????? these type of symbols instead of those asian character. How can i solve this problem. Do you have some resources on that. If yes please provide me.

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S Steven Si

If the font is already installed on the printer and the printer still prints out the "?????", it's likely that the installed font has not been designated in the ZPL or the characters used in the ZPL is not encoded accordingly. Please see this article for references on how a font is installed and referred to in the ZPL for examples. - Zebra Printer Chinese (Simplified) SimSun Font

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