Zebra PS30 re-creates current app activity on cradle insert/release

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C Carl-Johan Dahlman 4 months ago
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I'm currently working on integrating the new PS30 into our fleet of PS20 units and have found a difference in the Android lifecycle behaviour with the new PS30.

Each time the PS30 is inserted into the cradle or is pulled out of the cradle it causes a re-creation of the current activity within the running app, much like the lifecycle event when the device changes it's orientation. This behaviour does not happen on our PS20's and I am wondering if there is anyone here that is experiencing the same or knows anything about possible settings to change this?

This causes our app to redraw everything on the screen when a user picks up a PS30 or puts the PS30 back into the cradle which looks glitchy.

Thankful for any response!

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K Kavya Babu

Hi Carl ,


Can you please let me know the build ID where you are seeing this issue ?

C Carl-Johan Dahlman

Hi Kavya,

The Build Number displayed in the About section in the Android Settings is 

Is this what you requested? 

K Kavya Babu

Hi Carl,


This issue is fixed on the latest build. Request to take the latest image and confirm the behaviour.

C Carl-Johan Dahlman

Hi Kavya, 

Glad to hear that you have solved this. 
Sorry for this possible stupid question; But how do I "request" the latest image and from where?

If of any relevance I received our PS30 as a demo for testing, it's labelled as a prototype on the back of it.

C Carl-Johan Dahlman

Hi Kavya,

I have now installed and tested a new version, "13-14-27.00-TG-U01-STD-NEM-04", and I can confirm that this issue is gone.

Thank you.

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